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Sporting Chants And The Best Of Them

Unbelievably, here at PYJAMA, we do more than just give out awards and talk about American politics. We open people’s eyes to new worlds. Worlds they could have never of imagined. The world of sporting chants.

Whether you’ve seen chants on your television set or partaken in some yourself, it is undeniable that sporting chants create an atmosphere unlike any other. There are plenty of articles out there that look at the so called, ‘best’, of these chants. But who really cares about those tame chants. We at PYJAMA know that you want to be entertained, and entertained you will be.

Sporting chants can often veer to the side of being straight-up and outright brutal. We present, the better side of sporting chants.

Football (Soccer)

As I have previously mentioned, I do not like football. As painful as it is to write this section, I do respect the passion that football fans have for their game and their team. They ride the highs and the lows with their teams. You only have to look as far as Leicester City to see the highs. But, of course, at PYJAMA we are going to focus on the lows.

The best kind of football fans are the fans who have resigned to the fact that their team is rubbish but do their utmost to make the best of it. English football fans nail this. It helps that they are some of the only football fans that speak English and I understand.

Case 1: The fans of West Ham United. These fans know their team is horrid, and have no fears about chanting about it. They hit the nail on the head with this one.

We lose every week,
We lose every week,
You’re nothing special,
We lose every week.

Case 2: If your team is losing, why don’t you just pretend you’re winning. Tottenham fans said to hold my beer and took this one to heart.

Case 3: Tottenham fans continued their brilliant trend of self-acknowledging football chants and produced another masterpiece.

The Barmy Army (Cricket)

The Barmy Army, an English cricket fan club/organisation founded in 1994/95, brings an unrivalled atmosphere to the cricket matches they attend. Well known throughout the cricketing world (so pretty much India), the Barmy Army have a knack for creating chants and songs that play on classics, but they also have some stellar originals.

The army are experts in the field of riling up the opposition and their fans. They have songbooks full of songs that take the piss out of other teams with such grace and elegance.

It hasn’t been easy for the Barmy Army, though. Cricket is known as the sport for gentlemen. Priding itself on the dignity and integrity in which it’s played with. Weaving in chants that contain copious amounts of profanity and contain very touchy subjects is no easy task, but they manage to achieve it. However, not all the army’s songs/chants are direct taunts. They also have some beautiful songs that when belted out at a packed cricket oval are something of fairytales.

As well as their songs, their chants aimed at making a mockery of their opposition hit the nail on the head.

The following chant is directed at the Australian cricket team, well the Australian public in general. It references Matilda from the famous Australian song, Waltzing Matilda.

I shagged Matilda, I shagged Matilda,
I shagged Matilda and so did my mates,
And she moaned and she groaned and she took it up the Billabong,
I shagged Matilda and so did my mates.

This next chant is directed at an Australian player, Mitchell Johnson. Mitchell is known to be quite the bad boy of cricket. Best described as a good cricketer but a terrible human.

He bowls to the left,
He bowls to the right,
That’s Mitchell Johnson,
His bowling is shite.


Swing Low Sweet Chariot, arguably one of the most famous songs of all time, has heavy ties to the English rugby team. A rugby team that is not very well liked outside England. When you have all 82,000 of Twickenham belting out the song, it’s hard not to be inspired to create a modified version to use against them…

Cue the Welsh and their accents. Being a New Zealand rugby fan, it’s refreshing to see someone taking the piss out of English rugby.

I need to also make another mention of a chant that has done well of perplexing the rugby world. This one comes out of Toulon Rugby in France. This one features a man shouting a heck of a lot, and the crowd shouting back a heck of a lot back at him. I can’t think of the words to quite do this one justice. Just watch it.

Pro Wrestling (WWE)

Let’s be clear¬†before you argue this isn’t a sport, sports entertainment is close enough. Get over it.

There is nothing that quite compares to chants in professional wrestling. Pro wrestling is subjective entertainment and fans can interpret it any way they like. This has lead to chants becoming an integral part of the product, and often being the make or break of a show.

The fact it is subjective also means that it is difficult to control the fans and what they chant. Pro wrestling chants have led to some beautiful moments, but it has also lead to some damn brutal moments. Quite often, wrestling crowds could just not give two shits about who they offend, creating some questionably brilliant moments.

This is none more evident than at ECW One Night Stand 2005 & 2006 (WWE PPVs). Some of the chants that featured that night were: “she’s a crack-whore”, “f**k him up”, “f**k you”, “she’s got herpes”, “shut the f**k up” and multiple fingers being pulled; all taking place on live television. Imagine that at your local sports derby.

*Please note that not all pro wrestling is like this. The majority is a heck of a lot tamer, but you should know what to expect from us at PYJAMA by now.

There has been a large amount of brutality and honesty in this side of sporting chants. There is nothing like fans who don’t care about being politically correct and will do anything to get their message across. It creates some truly beautiful moments. Hopefully, this has inspired you to partake in your own chants, or even to create some of your own. I think it’s time for PYJAMA to get its own chants.


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