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Eccentric Millionaires Are A Gift To Our World

Eccentric millionaires are a gift to this world. They give us people to look up to and say, I am not going to be like them. They motivate and inspire us to be better humans than them. Although in some cases, it is not that difficult.

A couple of these eccentric millionaires have made the cut for the right reasons, though. They have managed to provide some hope in the doom and gloom world of an eccentric millionaire.

I think it is obvious that some of these are very controversial. But we wouldn’t be staying true to PYJAMA if we shied away from them. Enjoy.

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    1. Dan Bilzerian

Probably the most social media famous of all eccentric millionaires is Dan Bilzerian. Although that fame is not built on quality content (like us), it is built on outlandish posts that generally feature himself topless surrounded by women wearing absolutely nothing. His net worth of $150 million is sure able to buy him a hell of a lot of women. Living a supposed life that many men lust of, Dan has managed to share some stellar social media posts.

Dan's life has been no stranger to controversy. His also eccentric father was in jail multiple times for fraud, he was banned from Utah for bringing an M16 to school, he tried and failed to become a seal, he had his beard stroked on live television and biked from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in 33 hours.

Dan, if you are out there, I would really like to get banned from a state too. Let's make it happen.

600 lb, 100 yr old Galapagos tortoise, what an awesome animal

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    2. Jocelyn Wildenstein

In most cases with millionaires, you wonder how they made their money, and then how they actually managed to keep it. This couldn't be any truer than for Jocelyn and her $500 million net worth. Jocelyn, more affectionately known as the cat lady, has made her claim to fame through plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein
courtesy of celebrityabc

As you can tell, she got a little bit carried away. Okay. Not just a little bit carried away. $4 million carried away. She has spent $4 million on her plastic surgery. But it wasn't her own fault, she was driven by her now ex-husband. He was obsessed with cats, big ones. Her goal with her surgery was to make herself look like a cat. But it is okay because she is reported to be elated with the work that has been done.

The plastic surgery is not the only preposterous thing Mrs Wildenstein has done. She spent $60,000 on phone bills in a year, spent $547,000 on food and wine in a year, threatened a 19-year-old Russian girl with a gun and supposedly attacked her boyfriend in a Trump apartment in New York with scissors.

Let's just hope she didn't run with them.

    3. Robert Klark Graham

I couldn't find out how much Robert was worth, nor do I really want to. Robert invented the shatterproof eyeglass lenses. That is where things went downhill for him.

Robert took what he learned in biology class too literally, and was determined to implement selective breeding and increase the amount of 'fit' individuals on earth. He hoped to achieve this by founding the 'Repository for Germinal Choice'. It was a sperm bank that was only intended for Noble Prize winners (Noble laureates). Surprisingly, Robert couldn't get enough donors and was forced to loosen his genius criteria.

The most astonishing part about this was the now closed sperm bank produced 218 children. If you are one of them, please give us an interview (preferably for free).

    4. Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes, the wealthiest to feature yet with a net worth in today's money of $3.8 billion, followed the common trend of descending into craziness. Hughes earned his wealth predominantly through running companies, producing movies and breaking records. But you aren't here to hear about that shit.

Howard Hughes
courtesy of Wikipedia

Howard had severe obsessive-compulsive tendencies. At PYJAMA, we recognise Howard's prime to be when he locked himself in a screening room for 4 months. He only consumed chocolate bars and milk, while also pissing into bottles. I think he was just trying to get in touch with nature. He became a tad crazy, although he did manage to break a record for the longest plane flight over land and then 2 hours later break another record.

He certainly also had no shame in flaunting his wealth. Howard would go around staying in different hotels and causing chaos. When he was about to get kicked out of a hotel, he would just buy it. He did this on multiple occasions.

    5. Robert Durst

The horrifying story of Robert Durst.

Robert witnessed his mother commit suicide at 7 years old. She jumped off a roof to her death.

In 1982, Robert's wife went missing. She was never discovered and the case went cold.

In 2000, the case was re-opened. One of Robert's friends, Susan Barman, was believed to have vital information to the case. She was later found dead, shot to death as if it was an execution. The rumour going around was that Robert didn't want her to talk.

Shortly after, he started cross-dressing.

In 2001, body parts of his neighbour were found in a river. He was arrested, was released on bail, and then skipped town.

He was later arrested in Pennsylvania trying to steal a chicken sandwich and a band-aid. He had $37,500 cash on him.

He was acquitted of the murder and was only charged with skipping bail and evidence tampering.

He now lives in an apartment in New York. Would not surprise me if it is a Trump apartment. Throwing fuel on the fire.

    6. Graham Pendrill

Although Graham is not as wealthy as his counterparts, his story is truly the most heart-warming.

One year, Graham took a trip to Kenya and instantly fell in love. He fell in love so much that he started mixing and mingling with the people of the Masai Tribe. He even began to start wearing their clothing.

Graham loved it so much that he decided to sell his 12-bedroom home in England and move permanently to Kenya. The move paid off for him. He solved a dispute between tribe members and was elected a tribe elder. He now lives in mud huts with the Masai Tribe.

If only PYJAMA had such an inspiring back-story to it. Instead, I just went to bed one night and said there we go.

    7. Clive Palmer

Without a doubt, Clive is the greatest good guy millionaire. With a net worth of $550 million, Clive is certainly no average millionaire.

Clive Palmer
courtesy of Wikipedia

Palmer, an Australian himself, is the owner of an Australian mining company. He has a great passion for his Australian mining. So much so that he accused Greenpeace and the CIA of conspiring against Australian mining. I say let them have at it, it is only Australia.

Clive has also had other ventures. He had plans to clone a dinosaur and to start his own Jurassic Park. When those plans, and to much surprise, fell through, he was forced to downgrade to commissioning the construction of over 100 animatronic dinosaurs for his golf course.

Clive doesn't stop at dinosaurs, though. One of his latest ventures was to create a replica of the Titanic. Appropriately named Titanic II. He went all in with the replication, even planning on separating people based on their class like the original.

Let's just hope it doesn't follow in its footsteps completely.

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