All Blacks vs Springboks

All Blacks vs Springboks | The Rugby Championship

If you were tuned into our broadcast of the match last night, you are probably wondering what on earth happened to it. But before you get the explanation, it is important to note that it was the full intention to complete our coverage of the All Blacks vs Springboks.

During our matches, we normally have a selection of confectionary and/or drinks to keep us energized (banter is hard). These hadn’t caused us any significant problems; that was until last night’s broadcast, of course. A glass of Sprite was placed on the commentary desk and remained there untampered until approx. 7 minutes into the match. The glass was then knocked over, followed by a few expletives, and the end of the broadcast.

It had been spilled over the MacBook Pro that was running the broadcast, and no risks were willing to be taken in terms of killing the MacBook. It has been placed in rice, and to this current point, it is still fully operational.

We will endeavor to make up for this short-ended broadcast with additional content in the future. Here is some of our other content to check out in the meantime:

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