Who We Are

PYJAMA is an online media company, founded initially back in 2015. It started as a classroom project of Bradley Richardson’s but has since grown to become a public brand. Since our instigation, we have amassed hundreds of thousands of views and interaction, as well as thousands of followers and subscribers.

We come out of small-town New Zealand, which is a key reason as to the mission and goals that we have. Our foundations come from wanting to have a brand to represent what we enjoy doing, and that is at the core of who we are.

PYJAMA is about creating the things that we love to do.
Every once in a while something revolutionary comes along. This is not it, but it is damn close.

Our mission is to provide content that opens people to new information and new worlds, all while staying true to our down-to-earth nature. None of which would be possible without creating content that you are actually going to enjoy.
1. Above all else, PYJAMA will remain a place to create and share our content. It is never about making money.

2. We don't adhere to typical topics and trends. We will never produce content just to generate views.

3. To create thought and intrigue. We are constantly striving to produce content that is actually interesting.

4. To be a point of difference. We don't want to get caught up trying to be like everyone else.

5. To ensure we are enjoying creating the content as much as you enjoy engaging with it.

6. To stay true to our down-to-earth nature. We don't want to become over-complicated and strictly serious.

What We Do

Media Services
We provide media services, including LIVE event hosting and sports commentary.

We bring our unique style and flare to our media services that stay true to our mission. We have previously worked with Chiefs Rugby, Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic, and Mainfreight Rugby.

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Content Production
We also create content. Our content comes through two categories, productions and stories.

Stories are more than just a simple array of facts. They are special articles teeming with intriguing and thought-provoking information. We will investigate, explore and talk about a certain topic in depth. There are no restrictions on what these topics can be.

Productions are the video and audio content that we produce. There is no specific format that we follow for a production. It will include everything from talk shows, to live commentary, to documentaries. With that, they will all be produced to the same high standard.

All of our content produced will be under the guise of The Mission; we are always open to feedback.

Creative Agency

But here is a little teaser... Our agency is focused on compelling, story-based marketing. We believe that stories have the power to evoke a response unlike anything else and have taken it upon ourselves to bring this to you.